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Discover Valuable Tips for Students

When you’re learning to play, it’s important to know the right way of handling a brass instrument. This is so because you will not only be comfortable with the instrument but also avoid injuries as well. With our expertise, you’ll soon be on the way to becoming a successful brass instrument player. You’ll also discover common mistakes which many students make when starting out.

Buying a Brass Instrument

We’re happy to share our valuable knowledge on buying brass instruments to help you make the best decision. Buying a brass instrument needs careful thought, and we’ll show you everything you need to know. Not all brass instruments are suitable for everyone as you’ll discover on this blog. Whether you’re still at school or you’re an experienced brass instrument player, you’ll certainly find our tips useful.

Why You Should Join a Brass Band

We’ll show you why you should consider joining a brass band once you’ve gained experience. Playing a brass instrument on your own isn’t as much fun as joining a band, and we’ll show you some of the amazing benefits you’ll enjoy in a brass band.

Discover Top Brass Bands Worth Listening to

We’ll show you top brass bands worth listening to, with some dating as far back as several decades. Whether you’re a brass instrument player or musician, you’ll love these bands.