Everything You Need to Know About Brass Instruments

Are you passionate about brass instruments? Do you want to learn some new tricks and tips for playing your favourite brass instruments? If your answer is yes, then you are on the right website. Our website contains the following:

Facts on Brass Instruments Used in an Orchestra

It is amazing how orchestra players harmoniously integrate the various musical instruments to create amazing music pieces. This section delves deeper into the intricacies of orchestra music and unravels some of the instruments used in an orchestra. As you read this section you might even come across your favourite brass instrument.

How to Choose the Right Brass instrument

The most important step in learning a brass instrument is choosing the right instrument. Not everyone can play the trumpet or trombone. Getting the right brass instrument is dependent on various fact, such as age, skill level, size of the mouthpiece, physique and even commitment level.

Brass Trumpet Playing Skills

Do you love playing a brass trumpet? Are you tired of obscure guidelines found all over the Internet? If you want some tried-and-tested instrument playing tips, then this section has got you covered. The section has some tips on the correct posture, breathing and embouchure. It also covers some often ignored but vital tips like cleaning your instrument and joining clubs so that you can learn from other players.

Errors to Avoid When Playing Brass Instruments

Playing brass instruments is not easy but with proper practice, one can become an expert. Practice makes perfect but wrong practice makes mastery hard. That is why this section is dedicated to showing you the mistakes you should avoid when playing a brass instrument.

Brass Brands that Should be on Your Play List

A mentor is critical in every craft. Do you want to learn from the best brass brands? This section takes a look at the top three brass bands you need to listen to in 2020.