Honing Your Brass Trumpet Playing Skills

Whether you are just in the process of learning or you are a professional brass trumpet player, you need to think about possible ways of improving your craft. While there are lots of trumpet playing guides out there, most of them tend to be obscure. As such, the best way to become a better trumpet player is to use tried-and-tested methods. Here are some verified tips that could help you take your trumpet playing skills to the next level.

Work on Your Embouchure, Breathing and Posture

The basics of embouchure, breathing, and posture are vital for any brass trumpet player. Your embouchure, or the way to apply your lips on a brass trumpet, is an essential skill to perfect. Working on your breathing and posture is equally rewarding. Although you might have an idea of how to go about this process, make an effort to incorporate some exercises that will help you brush up on these skills.

Learn From Other Players

There will always be a better trumpet player than you. As such, learning from more skilled players could be of great help as far as improving your skill is concerned. If you can attend concerts or visit a jazz club, get as much as you can from seasoned musicians.

Join a Club

Routine practice with other trumpet players can be a great way to learn. While in the company of players who share similar interests, you also get to share your experiences. As you learn from others, you might also get a chance to teach something, depending on your level. The fact that you are accountable to someone else can help you honour your practice sessions.

Clean Your Instruments

Although this tip has nothing to do with your skills, spending some time cleaning and maintaining your instruments can be rewarding in many ways. Good care will save you from distractions, thus allowing you to focus on your core business.