Three Brass Bands You Need to Listen To in 2020

Brass concerts are often associated with classical and jazz performances from the past. But it is worth noting that brass playing is not just about the past. Many contemporary bands continue to gift music fans with some blaring notes. That said, here are some top brass bands that you should pay attention to this year.

Brighouse and Rastrick Band

This is among the best band in the whole of the UK and indeed across the world. The Brighouse and Rastrick band hails from Yorkshire. Formed in 1881, this band took close to 50 years, before breaking into the highest level in 1929. Over the years, especially after the appointment of Professor King as their principal conductor in 2009, they have managed to win the National Championship of Great Britain several times, and more recently in 2017.

Concord Brass Band

The concord brass band is one of Denmark’s finest. Formed in 1957, this band is one of Denmark’s oldest bands. Over the years, it has consistently produced some of the most talented brass band instrumentalists. Their standing in brass playing is further proven by the fact that they managed to win the Danish Championship in 2019, for the fourth year running. So, it’s always a special feeling listening to them play.

Paris Brass Band

Paris Brass Band is a highly regarded brass band that is based in Paris, France. Although it is a relatively young band, compared to the two heavyweights highlighted above, it takes pride in winning several brass band competitions such as the French National Championship and the European Brass Band Championship.

If you fancy playing brass instruments or you just enjoy brass performances, these three bands guarantee a fine performance and a worthwhile sense of musicality. Any brass lovers likes a full-throttle performance. And listening to top pay bands will assuredly cater to your expectations.